This year, WAF is pleased to be partnering with Treeapp to offset WAF’s carbon footprint by supporting a treeplanting project in the Lombok Island in Indonesia where mangrove trees will be planted along the shoreline in water to restore coral reefs and seabeds which are vital for rebuilding aquatic wildlife.

Treeapp is a global tree planting organisation, operating sites across the world and strives to make a positive environmental, social, and economic impact by planting in counties where trees are needed most. Over 200+ different species of tree are planted across 5 continents.

Mangroves, seagrass beds and coral reefs uniquely work in tandem to create healthy costal ocean systems. The dense swamps are also an important source of ‘blue-carbon’ – carbon stored specifically in marine ecosystems. They store up to 3x more carbon than tropical forests, making them essential in the fight against global climate change.

WAF will be planting a tree for every delegate at WAF 2023, and attendees can also choose to plant additional trees via the Treeapp online store here.

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