WAFX 2019 Power and Justice

Power and Justice winner: Prison Haren by Cafasso NV with B2Ai / EGM Architecten

The new Haren prison situated near Brussels is due to be operational in 2022 and, with 1190 detainees, will be the largest but also the most ‘humane’ prison in Belgium. The design of the new prison is based on normalisation, rehabilitation, and reintegration. Its free standing and modest building volumes represent as radical departure from the standard panoptic or star-shaped prison floor plan. The complex consists of eight buildings that house three men’s prisons, two women’s prisons, a forensic psychiatric centre, an observation unit, workshops, sport infrastructure and a number of communal facilities. The campus has been designed as a small village that functions autonomously but integrates into the surrounding area. The buildings are designed on a human scale: the community building is reminiscent of a town hall or administrative centre, while the prison buildings are designed as multi-family houses.

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