WAFChina 2020 Winners


WAFChina 2020 Winners



China Architecture Design & Research Group - Daqi Architects, Scenery stage and service rooms for the Peony Pavilion, Fuzhou

This project brings together old and new, commerce and culture, and reality and fantasy in providing an extraordinary setting for the play The Peony Pavilion by the Ming era playwright Tang Xianzu – a contemporary of William Shakespeare. Performances can last almost a day so the design is suited to day and night, as well as hosting performances and acting as public space. Visitors can wander where they may have seen or be about to see actors perform, playing out their lives against a backdrop of real and unreal buildings including one of the city's temples and statues of the Buddha. It also includes elegantly conceived ancillary accommodation such as a staff dormitory with an ingenious section that gives each room its own balcony, and in encouraging cultural tourism aims to kickstart regeneration of the old city.



Architectural Design & Research Institute, Tsinghua University, Wanzai Ancient City

The jury was struck by the many recent projects where clients and architects have demonstrated a deep commitment to the reactivation of historic sites and buildings, and the cultural memory they embody. Emblematic of these is Wanzai Ancient City, where the work of restoration, based upon an outstanding field survey, includes an ancestral hall, nine ancient houses and six old streets. New developments, zoned as concentric rings around the historic centre, are enclosed by a well-judged three-storey commercial development forming a new city wall that recalls the original urban form. This low-cost project is also ecologically aware, using the urban morphology to create ‘cold lanes’ that mitigate the heat of summer. The lessons of Wanzai Ancient City are applicable to other Asian cities. 



EID Architecture, The Panda Pavilions

This delightful projects provides environmentally friendly conditions for both pandas and visitors in a project which respects the cultural significance of the panda by drawing attention to the importance of its habitat, while encouraging visitors to respect nature and wildlife in a tourist context. The forms of the buildings match their surroundings in a convincing way.


Benoy, Houhai Centre

Rethinking the nature of the office building has been a global concern following the Covid-19 pandemic. In this case, the architects have examined not just the workplace environment, but the fundamental arrangement of the building and the way it accommodates public use and circulation in new combinations. An inspirational project for similar buildings.


LOLA Landscape, TALLER Architects, Land + Civilization Compositions, Guangming Forest Sports Park

This is a new ‘lung’ for the city, and is accessible to the widest variety of  citizens in an exemplary way. The boldness of the design treatment is typified by the use of red to contrast with the green of the surrounding natural environment; the approach to ecological regeneration is worthy of repetition elsewhere.


New World Development Company Limited (K11 collaborate with AB concept, KPF, Laab & Speirs and Major), K11 Musea

Interior architecture on a grand scale is delivered in a bravura design approach drawing on Art Deco, china’s industrial design and Victorian ornamental features. The huge scale of ambition is matched by the creation of impressive volumes as well as the fixtures and fittings. A tour-de-force which will not necessarily be to everyone’s taste!


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