Henry Steed
Henry Steed
ICN Design International

Henry Steed is a Chartered Landscape Architect (UK) with 50 years of post-grad experience, 38 in Singapore. He is Design Director of ICN Design International, an award-winning firm of Landscape Architects based in Singapore. His experience extends through tropical, arid and temperate zones, in urban, rural and natural environments in Asia, Middle East, Australia and Europe. The making of fine landscapes, to Henry, involves sensitive artistry and hard-nosed technical knowledge of construction and horticulture, to transform urban hardness into attractive landscapes for people to enjoy. Henry has created every kind of landscape, from nature trails, to hotels and residential gardens, parks, campuses, zoos, streetscape, airports, hospitals, civic spaces and high-rise buildings. Passing on his experience, he teaches NUS students and his staff, encouraging them to develop the expertise to create their own visions and masterpieces for the future. Henry has written and illustrated a book on “Greening the Vertical Garden City”, which deals with the techniques to design and install landscapes at every level in the high-rise tropical city.

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