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24 April 2019

Lake Victoria is the world’s most densely populated rural area, yet poor road and rail infrastructure mean that life-saving medicine and cargo often can’t reach those who need them most. A drone network could transform mobility in the region; could a drone-port, as an entirely new civic space, open up economic opportunities for the region?

Beyond sites of landing and take-off, drone-ports could feature public plazas, makerspaces, and more, serving the local communities in unprecedented ways. Building on research developed at a recent think tank in Mwanza, Tanzania — AERIAL FUTURES: Lake Victoria Challenge — this new video examines the ways that the drone-port could transform East African mobility, healthcare and the economy. The video features interviews with Catalina Ochoa (World Bank), Jonathan Ledgard (Redline and Blueline), Judith Sherman (UNICEF Malawi), Wilson Kagabo (Locus Dynamics), Jonathan Dessi-Olive (Georgia Tech School of Architecture) and Keith Kaseman (Georgia Tech School of Architecture).

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