WAF Newsletter - The Architectural Photography Awards 2021 Shortlist - October 2021




The Architectural Photography Awards 2021 Shortlist

28 October 2021


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Looking at a still photograph is proactive. You decide to look and for how long, to linger and explore the image or walk away. All too often even still images are flashed in front of us momentarily reducing our involvement to a passive onlooker. We are in danger of accepting bad and mediocre imagery as normal, we are looking but not seeing.

Photographs of architecture capture more than a building, they create a legacy in time and place.

Lynne Bryant
Founder: The Architectural Photography Awards


Selected from c.2000 images from 42 countries our judging panel has edited to a total of 24 entries.

Here you will see 16, the shortlist for the four core categories, i.e : Exterior, Interior, Sense of Place and Buildings in Use.

Do look at these images beyond the small screen of a mobile phone. The bigger screen the better . There is detail and subtlety that needs to be appreciated.

We hope you will have the opportunity to vote for your favourite images during WAF Virtual. Click here to book your pass now. 

Exterior 1

Photographer: Kevin Siyuan

CapitaSpring by Bjarke Ingels Group, Carlo Ratti Associati and RSP Singapore


Exterior 2

Photographer: James Kerwin

The Koujak Jaber building by architect Victor Bisharat, Ramlet El Beida, Lebanon


Exterior 3

Photographer: Alex de Rijke

Maggie Centre by dRMM, Oldham UK


Exterior 4

Photographer: Brad Feinknopf

Bully Hill House – with deer by MM Studio Columbus Ohio USA


Interior 5

Photographer: Tan Xaio

Times Pavillion by Sangu Design ,GuangZhou, China


Interior 6

Photographer: Yifeng Ding

The Rainbow Apartment doors, Tokyo, Japan


Interior 7

Photographer: Helen Trust

Berlin Strausberger Platz U-Bahn Station by Alfred Grenander Berlin Germany


Interior 8

Photographer: Francisco Nogueira

ME Dubai Hotel by Zaha Hadid, Dubai, UAE


Sense of Place 9

Photographer: Wei Pinyou

Taihu Show Theatre by Steven Chilton Architects, Wuxi China


Sense of Place 10

Photographer: Andy Spain

Rita Restaurant by Mary Daish Architects, Aro Valley, Wellington, New Zealand


Sense of Place 11

Photographer: Robert Hermann

Cube Berlin by 3XN, Berlin Germany


Sense of Place 12

Photographer: Liu Xinghao

Holidays during the Pandemic, Raffles City Chongqing by Safdie Architects, Chongqing, China


Buildings in Use 13

Photographer: Jak Spedding

Whitworth Art Gallery by MUMA architects, Manchester UK


Buildings in Use 14

Photographer: Chen Guanhong

Dancing, Xinsha Primary School by Shenzhen TIANHUA, Shenzan, China


Buildings in Use 15

Photographer : Francisco Nogueira

School in Linhaceira by Atelier RUA, Tomar, Portugal


Buildings in Use 16

Photographer : Kris Povoost

Lockdown : the empty evacuated tower while neighbours remained by Anthony Ng Architects Limited, Hong Kong China

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