WAF 10 Manifesto

WAF 10 Manifesto

World Architecture Festival is marking its tenth anniversary with a manifesto identifying key challenges which architects will need to address over the next ten years.

They are: Climate, energy and carbon; Water; Ageing and Health; Re-use; Smart city technology; Building technology; Cultural identity; Ethics and values; Power and justice; and Virtual worlds.

The intention is to generate research funding which will contribute towards work in universities or other research institution/programme investigating aspects of these subjects.  Resulting work being presented at WAF 2018 on the Festival Hall Stage.

Commenting on the Manifesto, WAF Programme Director Paul Finch commented:

‘In a period of profound change across the world, architects will play an important part in creating building, cities, public places and landscapes that respond to the challenges we have identified. There are immense amounts of research being undertaken across the profession which we hope we can draw attention to, and which we intend to support through publication, exhibition and funding initiatives.

‘These are big-picture initiatives which concern architects both individually and collectively, and we want WAF to play a part in promoting initiatives which are aimed at making life better.’

View the first findings from the reserach here

The WAF 10 Prize, sponsored by GreenCoat

This year, WAF will identify buildings and future projects, entered for its awards programme, which also address the Manifesto issues. Special awards will be made to exemplary projects, which will be exhibited as part of a tenth anniversary exhibition featuring key winners from the past decade. Enter your project in to the main awards to automatically be considered for the WAF10 Prize.

Become a part of the WAF 10 celebrations and enter your project now.

GreenCoat color coated steel products offer Swedish rapeseed oil in the coating. They have been developed for future buildings focusing on sustainability combined with enhanced performance.  We are proud sponsors of the WAF10 prize as the topics addressed within the WAF manifesto are crucial towards the future of architecture.  We are dedicated to supporting architects as they make decisions on creating sustainable future environments

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