As opposed to all the other design events worldwide, WAF is the only one that offers you an opportunity to study 500+ design presentations of architectural projects.  At the same time, larger issues on topics that are contextual & relevant to the field are being discussed at various venues within the event. WAF is the one architectural event which just has to be experienced every year due to the sheer magnitude of the insight it offers into what is being evolved in architectural thoughts worldwide.
Sanjay Puri, Founder, Sanjay Puri Architects
I thoroughly enjoyed WAF!  Presenting, speaking and judging…it was a privilege. Thank you so much. It is a great event.
Angus Morrogh-Ryan , Director, De Matos Ryan
This was a real eye opener and a brilliant event in that everything happening around the world is brought to a single event. I was really impressed with the topics and speakers especially on how architecture see's the future of the world and the global issues that are being addressed.
Gansen Govender, Senior Project Manager, GHD
WAF is a wonderful mix of theory and the reality of everyday practice in the presentations, the jury-comments, the lectures, the debates and exhibitions. The excursions, parties and joined dinner offer excellent opportunities to network. WAF is the most inclusive cross-border event on the architectural horizon! 
Brigitte Van Bakel, Principal Architect, Am
This was my first time experiencing WAF and it blew my mind seeing and learning about the way other architects most especially the renowned, go about their design process. It was an enlightening experience.
Mischa Maxime Espina, Senior Architect, Espina Perez-Espina & Associate
WAF is the epicentre of Architectural thought, bringing together the leading designers and emerging practices into one forum.  
Paul Wiste, Vice President Development, Design Jumeirah Group
Attending WAF offered an overall view of global architectural scenario, emerging concepts, approaches and trends, exposure to higher standards of design and presentations. It was revitalising and rejuvenating space for architects.
Roopmathi Anand, Architect, Rajendran Associates
WAF is a brilliant forum for sharing ideas and meeting a wide range of leading professionals from around the world, where active participation in discussion of the most interesting projects and important themes is the real central focus.
Jonathan McDowell, Partner, McDowell+Benedetti
Everything was far beyond my expectations and really enjoyed each segment at the festival. The entire festival was an excellent experience and gave me a lot of ideas and knowledge.
A.M.Faisal, Director, Nirman Designs
Great opportunity to connect with international architects and understand what happens in the global context.
David Basulto, Editor in Chief, ArchDaily
The scale of the festival means that the discussion and conversation allows for a distinctly rich and varied dialogue. The international mix opens ideas up for further analysis and debate allowing for broader discussion away from the comfort of one’s familiarity.   

David Leech, Owner, David Leech Architects
The Word Architecture Festival is a rare if not unique occasion bringing together a large number of the finest architects from around the world under one roof, to exchange and share ideas and to learn from each other. It is this invaluable educational aspect that brought me back to WAF for the second time; for any architects interested in learning about the best works created by other colleagues worldwide and listening to their live presentations, WAF is the place to go.
Tszwai So, 1, Spheron Architects
WAF has become the event to attend to see and hear the most influential thinkers in global Architecture.
Eric Kirwan, CEO, Modulex Group
It was a very enriching experience, we were exposed to the technical and creative aspect of architecture and design, impressive out of the box approaches. 
Rosemarie Ong, SEVP-Chief Operating Officer, Retail Construction
WAF - what a highlight of the year. And Glas Trösch has been part of it again for the second time. We were delighted to take part again and looking forward to WAF 2016.
Fabrice Nussbaumer, Head Global Marketing, Glas Trösch
For an emerging firm such as KANVA,  the exposure to quality and innovation at an international level is a valuable and concrete stepping stone. The opportunity to have presented and defended projects amidst such recognized colleagues is both an inspiration and a positive motivation. Many thanks for the entire WAF team that once again succeeded in organizing such an important event while maintaining a precious human scale.
Rami Bebawi, Architect, KANVA
The program was great and you get a unique possibility to see what the world has to offer. The format of short presentations is fantastic.  
Daniel Markstrom, Head of Architecture, Humlegarden Real Estate
Being an exhibitor opened us many more contacts compared to just attending. We were positively surprised about the quality of the attendees.
Dr. Stephan Kufferath, Managing Director, GKD (Exhibitor)
It was a wonderful experience. Very well organized, a lot of great talks and such a diverse gathering.
Mila Salahuddin, Manager, 5+design
Winning the award is a great encouragement for what we have done, for refreshing ourselves, our architecture. After WAF, we have been well-known from around the world and it gives us chances to meet and talk to different people, this is very important to us, especially when we are always searching for doing something new.
Toan Nghiem, Principal, A21 Studio, winners of World Building of the Year 2014
WAF will blow your mind.
Layton Reid, Director, Desitecture
It has been amazing to be part of the WAF award winning team. When you look across the range and quality of projects put forward for the WAF Awards, to be short listed and then become associated with the overall winner is a momentous achievement for Grant Associates.
Keith French, Director, Grant Associates
Winning the WAF award has given credibility and respect to the work of the practice, an unquestionable kudos which speaks for itself - we are taken seriously and shown respect.
Peter Rich, Principal, Peter Rich Architects
At WAF you have serious discussions about architecture and start to see where we’re going to be in the future. It’s that dialogue face to face, with people that are doing amazing things that makes this one of the most important things that happens in architecture each year.
Michael Heenan, Principal and CEO, Allen Jack+Cottier Architects
It's good to know what's happening around the world and what are other people doing in other parts of the world.
Lee Min, Development Manager, Far East Organisation
Excellent content.
Deepa Mathai, Director, Arkind Architects
[WAF] has been a good platform to share the design work of our company on an international scale and connect with designers, developers and media.
Brittany Downes, PR Manager, Benoy
It is a great exposure for us to learn from other architects from all over the world - GREAT!
Gwendolyn Wong Tsuhui, Architectural Assistant, MKPL Architects
Great exposure to the world of architecture. Gives us an idea of where we are in architecture practice.
Sachin Shetty, Principal Architect, iNT-HAB Architecture and design studio
It's one of the most comprehensive and diverse architectural conventions we have attended. It was efficient way to meet up with architects who can match our needs.
Catleya L Moya, Project Development Head, Ayala Land Premier
This year's WAF and INSIDE was the best yet. The presenters and speakers were an incredible who's who of the architectural and interior world. Nothing like getting all your networking for a year done in three days!  
Mark Dytham, Principal, Klein Dytham Architects

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