The Intelligent View

VU.CITY is a revolutionary design and masterplanning tool that is transforming the planning process for architects. Import your development model at the click of a button into the most accurate 3D smart city platform. View your proposed development in context, from ALL angles, look at views out, take screen shots and share with the whole project team.

VU.CITY is a joint venture by London-based rights of light and neighbourly matters specialists, GIA, and award winning digital agency, Wagstaffs. The team has created the largest and most accurate 3D interactive digital model of London which is already being used by local government, developers, property consultants and architects.  It addresses the simple, fundamental questions that have exercised the imaginations of property professionals for centuries: if we build here, what will it look like, who will it affect, and how will it affect them? 

VU.CITY enables architects and their clients to save time and money through the planning process - assess scale, massing, footprint and heights in minutes. We can then reduce the number of Accurate Visual Representations required by using VUCITY to decide on key viewpoints with the decision makers. 

With unprecedented access to 500 sq km of 3D London model in accurate detail*, extending to 1,800 sq km and all 33 London Boroughs by Summer 2018, the VU.CITY team is working with architects, developers and local authorities. We are providing the platform for intelligent decision making, helping you to connect with the city in real time, in a way that has never been seen before.

The global pipeline for VU.CITY includes Paris, New York, Manchester, Birmingham and Belfast.

*Roofscape accurate to within 15cm

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