seele is one of the leaders in the world of façade and roof construction. Providing solutions for spectacular building skins and innovative façades is the responsibility of seele’s 1,000+ employees worldwide. From intelligent planning to efficient installation, seele provides everything necessary to complete ambitious architectural one-offs true to their original designs.

seele is unique. Because it is the only owner-managed company in this sector of industry with global operations. The technology leader in façade construction was founded in 1984 by master glazier Gerhard Seele and steelwork engineer Siegfried Gossner. Today, spectacular architectural icons “made by seele” can be seen all over the world.

The architectural, engineering and economic demands on a building envelope are merging more and more these days to become a complex conglomerate. seele brings together the knowledge needed for this and is able to design and construct corresponding structures in unprecedented quality. A profound understanding of the materials employed leads to unique solutions in glass, steel, aluminium, membranes and other high-tech materials. Your guarantee of perfect results.

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