IE School of Architecture and Design

28 - 30 November 2018, RAI Amsterdam


IE School of Architecture and Design

IE School of Architecture and Design, an international, private institution, reflects the goals of the larger IE institution. These goals include a constant striving for excellence, the belief that diversity and multiple points of view can lead to a greater understanding and create knowledge, an entrepreneurial spirit that allows us to see unexpected opportunities and the fact that innovation can open up new and exciting ways of thinking, learning and taking action.

IE believes that education enriches the entire person and that people learn in different ways and from multiple sources. By striving for excellence and encouraging new ideas, each member of our diverse, international community is encouraged to achieve his or her full potential. Critical thinking, an entrepreneurial spirit, an understanding of changing technology and social responsibility are touchstones of all IE programs. We encourage students to create their own place in the broad field of architecture and design through our diverse programs:

UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS: Bachelor degrees are a first step to finding a place in the exciting field of architecture and design.

GRADUATE PROGRAMS: Masters programs provide opportunities for in-depth study and specialization for successful real world careers.

IE School of Architecture and Design organizes and participates in worldwide and virtual events, thus expanding the boundaries of traditional architectural education to respond to a changing world:

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