1 - 3 December 2021, Lisbon



We, CIPANGO, are a team of experts from Business Consulting and Visual and Music Production who are professionally active internationally. Our well-grounded artisanal network in Japan and cosmopolitan lifestyle organically lead us to share truly refined and unique interior design products and building materials from Japan with the global market. 

We have realized throughout our journeys that there are many quintessential Japanese crafts and skilled techniques both traditional and modern, with a competitive edge, that have yet to be introduced to the international market with fair trade in mind. The CIPANGO team takes great care in handpicking products and materials that are reflective of these attributes, by embracing regional communication, enabling you to fulfill your quest for genuine quality. 

Our mission is to bring these CIPANGO-sourced goods to you in the most efficient and effective way possible. Throughout our product and material-sourcing stories, we hope that CIPANGO will serve to complement your lifestyle anywhere you are, and of course, to provide you with the joy of experiencing sublime Japanese interior design, building materials and craftsmanship.

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