Alex McDowell - Creative Director, 5D Global Studio

1 - 3 December 2021, Lisbon

Alex McDowell - Creative Director, 5D Global Studio

Alex McDowell WAF 2015 Keynote: Building worlds - future reality, not science fiction

  • Birthing the world building process as well as over 100 patents for new technologies
  • Combining rigorous scientific inquiry with a human lens - from Hollywood blockbusters to real world community building
  • Forecasting the future of a Saudi Arabian village, from barren desert to verdant oasis
  • Creating future worlds: asking what if and why not to explore what is not yet thinkable

Alex McDowell is the creative director at 5D Global Studio. He is a strong advocate of world building and immersive design and integrates digital technology and traditional design technique into his work.

World Architecture Festival 2016 takes place at the Arena Berlin, Germany in November
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