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1 - 3 December 2021, Lisbon



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Looking at a still photograph is proactive. You decide to look and for how long, to linger and explore the image or walk away. All too often even still images are flashed in front of us momentarily reducing our involvement to a passive onlooker. We are in danger of accepting bad and mediocre imagery as normal, we are looking but not seeing.

Welcome to the first in the series showcasing photographers of architecture. Since it's inception in 2012, the Architectural Photography Awards has promoted the importance of professional photography to interpret and share architecture worldwide. WAF has always understood the importance of photography in conveying the essence of architecture and, over time, providing a permanent legacy for architects and society. WAF has given The Architectural Photography Awards a platform and been an avid supporter. To quote Paul Finch, Programme Director of WAF: 'Architecture at its best embraces memory, feeling, time and imagination. So does architectural photography, despite the assumed cryogenic condition of its subject.'

Richard Einzig

For our first showcase we'll look at legacy and creating an enduring memory.

Here we have a classic image by the late Richard Einzig 1932 -1980 as with many photographers successful in this specialist field Einzig was an architect before taking the leap into professional photography.

Einzig photographed the formative work of many architects who went on to be globally acclaimed. The Pompidou Centre in Paris was the springboard for Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano, encapsulated here in Richard Einzig's 1977 image.

Lynne Bryant, Founder, The Architectural Photography Awards

​©Richard Einzig /


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