Paul Finch's Letter From London

4 - 6 December 2019, RAI Amsterdam

Each week the World Architecture Festival Programme Director, Paul Finch publishes a 'Letter From London' - an opinion piece on the latest news within architecture. Read the articles here.

  • 18 August: Architectural procurement is an indicator of cultural confidence. Read more.
  • 8 August: Strange days indeed – an anniversary waltz. Read more.
  • 4 August: The silly season is alive and well at the Olympic Park. Read more.
  • 21 July: Balancing quality and cost should be about judgement, not measurement. Read more.
  • 7 July: If in doubt, think about historical precedent. Read more
  • 16 June: Buildings have a memory – because of their users. Read more. 
  • 2 June: Venice suggests that architecture is alive, well, and still has a social conscience. Read more.
  • 26 May: NEXTMINSTER: an idea looking for a venue other than Venice. Read more.
  • 19 May: Global trends not European politics will determine office futures. Read more.
  • 12 May: PFI – how we snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Read more.
  • 5 May: Architectural awards are never likely to avoid controversy. Read now
  • 28 April: Decisions and policies require judgement, not just information. Read now
  • 21 April: Brexiteers are just as likely to be internationalist as isolationist. Read now
  • 14 April: Why can’t we identify sites where towers would be suitable?​ Read now
  • 7 April: One can only guess at what we will miss as a result of Zaha’s premature death... Read now



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