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The World Architecture Festival is a live architecture competition: a truly unique format - WAF features live crit presentations by all of the award finalists, with live judging and discussion.

You can find out what the WAF judges think about finalist schemes: Every shortlisted architect will present their designs to a WAF international judging panel, and you can see as many as you can fit into three days!

Each day there will be up to 17 crits running at any one time, all running to a finely tuned schedule so you can jump from one to the other. Hear the inside story on hundreds of projects, from schools to cinemas, museums to mosques.

Live presentations, and the fact that all festival delegates can attend them, are two key elements in what make the WAF awards unique. Category judging takes place on the first two days of the Festival:

  • Each category has an international panel of three judges
  • Each panel operates in a "crit room"
  • For each category it judges, the panel needs to select a winner
  • After the final day’s presentation, each jury decides in private who has won, and the chair produces brief comments on what the jury liked about the winner
  • All presentations take 10 minutes and juries have eight minutes to ask questions and discuss the project with the architect
  • The judges represent the audience of delegates
  • Category winners are announced at the end of each day, following the keynote
  • The category winners go on to present to the Super Jury on the final day for the four ‘best-in-show’ awards covering Completed Buildings; Interiors; Future Projects; and Landscape

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