Letter from London

1 - 3 December 2021, Lisbon

Letter from London

A weekly column from WAF's Programme Director, Paul Finch
Overtime debate generates more heat than light

20 April 2021

London practices are debating that periodic issue: how do you win work without asking staff to work overtime, and if you do so, how should that work be remunerated? This has been prompted by a ginger group of young architects, who are demanding that the RIBA ‘does something’ about this question, though it is unclear how many of the protestors are actually RIBA members...
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The Duke of Edinburgh was a modern from start to finish

15 April 2021

Reports that the Duke of Edinburgh had designed modifications to a Land Rover, in order to provide the hearse for his own funeral, will have come as a surprise to the public, perhaps. But to anyone who has observed the history of his relationship to the world of design it won’t have been surprising at all...
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Office values defy the doom-merchants over the future of workspace

8 April 2021

There has been intense debate in London about the future of the office market, or ‘workspace’ market as some like to call it. Office occupiers are split about whether the ‘normal’ market will ever come back, with worker-drones now accustomed to the joys of non-commuting, and the fluid lifestyle home-working can provide...
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Architectural truth can be stranger than fiction

1 April 2021

It is good to be back on the World Architecture Festival website, after a decade during which this column appeared in Another Journal. Your correspondent is the same, but the column will now, I hope, have a more internationalist feel, as befits a website which promotes a truly global festival, committed to the entire world rather than a particular country or continent. Of course there will be some London gossip too...
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