House - Completed Buildings

1 - 3 December 2021, Lisbon

House - Completed Buildings

Blank Architects, Field House, Glogow, Poland

Crosson Architects, The Red House, Auckland, New Zealand

Henning Stummel Architects, Tin House, London, UK

Ingvartsen Architects    The Magoda Project    Tanga Region,Tanzania

Herbst Architects, K Valley House, Thames, New Zealand

studiomk27, Villa Catuçaba, Catuçaba, São Paulo

Hermansson Hiller Lundberg Arkitekter, House Juniskär, Sundsvall, Sweden

Ian Moore Architects, McLeod House, Sydney, Australia

iredale pedersen hook architects, Nannup Holiday House, Nanny, Australia

iredale pedersen hook architects and Caroline Di Costa Architect, CASA31_4 Room House, Perth, Australia

OHLAB / Oliver Hernaiz Architecture Lab, HOUSE MM, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Robert Konieczny- KWK Promes, Living-Garden House, Izbica, Poland

Robert Konieczny- KWK Promes, Konieczny's Ark, Brenna, Poland

Robin Williams Architect, Villa Marittima, St Andrews Beach, Australia

RTA Studio, E-Type House, Auckland, New Zealand

Scott Tallon Walker Architects, Keeper's House and Lodge, Tipperary, Ireland

Smart Design Studio, Indigo Slam, Sydney, Australia

studio mk27, Jungle house, São Paulo, Brazil

studioMilou architecture, 33 Holland Park, Singapore

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