Halio Mobile Experience Room

Welcome to Halio: the world’s most advanced natural light management system 


The Halio Mobile Experience Room is an exclusive, high-end demonstration facility fitted with the Halio system. By giving WAF visitors the real Halio experience, they immediately understand all the benefits the system delivers. 

The Halio Mobile Experience Room provides a private, exclusive space to meet architects, consultants and investors. 


Halio is the world's most advanced natural light management system, a complete solution comprising the glass itself, a control system, exclusive algorithms and a cloud-based connection enabling the system to adapt to the building's specific needs.  


Instantly transforming rooms into sanctuaries of natural light, offering comfort, privacy, and a greater sense of well-being 

Halio is the first smart-tinting technology to deliver a product that is truly indistinguishable from ordinary clear glass. With its uniform tinting and real-time responsiveness, Halio gives architects and designers a versatile product to create more stunning interiors and exteriors while meeting state and national energy efficiency mandates. Halio’s neutral grey tints are compatible with any colour palette or style of building, andensures a uniform aesthetics thanks to the​ perfect match with a dedicated coating. 

Halio can be programmed to respond to the weather, time or the sun’s position during the day. It can also be manually operated – with voice commands or intuitive wall mounted controls. Tinting begins instantly, and Halio offers the flexibility of stopping mid-programme when a desired shade is achieved. In large floor-to-ceiling windows, the darkest shade of grey is achieved in less than three minutes.  

In its darkest state and when used for interior walls, Halio creates flexible, light-filled, open rooms that can become private on demand, a perfect solution for conference rooms and private offices. 


Easy-to-use natural light management system 

Natural light is one of the most sought-after features in homes and offices alike, and consequently more and more glass is featured in architectural designs. But more glass can lead to too much sunlight (heat, glare, damaged interiors) and compromise our privacy. To date, we’ve controlled sunlight and privacy with blinds and shades. With Halio, window treatments and coverings become stylistic considerations rather than necessities.  

Halio smart-tinting glass gives homeowners and building occupants complete control of when and how much natural light to let into their living and work spaces. Halio windows can tint independently or in groups.  

Halio is designed to be as easy to use as a light switch. It’s a standalone system that gives users multiple control options – a mobile app and sleekly-designed wall mount controls. It can also be activated by voice commands. Featuring bank-level encryption and security provisions, Halio integrates seamlessly with popular home and building management systems (BMS). 

Halio is ideal for homeowners who want to maintain a constant connection with the outdoors without compromising control, privacy or energy efficiency, as well as for building owners who want to provide their occupants with light-filled, open spaces that inspire and promote wellness.  


A breakthrough innovation that places the beauty of glass at the heart of the design! 



Exclusively from Halio 

Created to be the exclusive provider of Halio products and services to the building industry, Halio is a joint venture between AGC, the world’s largest flat glass manufacturer and Kinestral Technologies, Inc., developer and manufacturer of Halio smart-tinting technologies. The joint venture is comprised of two entities - Halio North America and Halio International. The partnership leverages the partners’ respective strengths and knowledge: AGC’s reputation in the building industry and 100+ years of experience in glass technologies and Kinestral’s innovative, patented smart-tinting technologies. To learn more, visit halioglass.com or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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