WAF Visualisation Prize 2021

Enter your videos for the 2021 Visualisation Prize
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Share your most inspiring video renders for the chance to win Best Visualisation at the World Architecture Festival.


Welcome to the 2021 Visualisation Prize! The World Architecture Festival celebrates and shares inspirational architecture. With the annual Visualisation Prize, sponsored by Lumion rendering software, we hope to bring the worlds of architecture and visualisation closer together.

Digital rendering has become an increasingly important part of the architect’s toolbox when transforming design ideas into inspiring and memorable experiences. More accessible and enjoyable than ever, the many rendering software tools available ease the process of creating beautiful, professional architectural visualisations. Through the practice of rendering, architects can explore the unique potential of a design, easily convey a sense of time and place, and tell a more immersive and emotional story about the design’s role in the real world. Visualisation unlocks new possibilities, empowering any architect to express their creative vision.

With the 2021 Visualisation Prize, we are celebrating best-in-class architectural visualisations. Be part of this exciting chapter by sharing your digitally rendered project in a compelling, emotional video. Learn more below.

Please join us and submit your rendered videos for the 2021 Visualisation Prize. Submissions are open to everyone.

Deadline: Closed

Submission guidelines:

  1. The Visualisation Prize is free to enter
  2. Maximum video length of 3 minutes
  3. Rendered videos must show a future project or a recently completed building
  4. Projects must be rendered in-house at an architectural practice or reflect a collaboration between a visualiser and the architectural practice
  5. Only rendered videos; no images
  6. Architectural animations can be rendered in any visualization software of your choosing 
  7. Submissions are open to everyone (including those already shortlisted in the main WAF Awards) and all finalists will be asked to purchase a full WAF delegate package in order to present live at the festival in December

How to present your best work:

The 2021 Visualisation Prize will be live-judged by 3-4 judges, who are looking for:

  1. Aesthetics. The judges are looking for a high degree of attractiveness and beauty. The video must look “good”, it should have style.
  2. Emotional. The video must make viewers ‘feel’ something about the project. This could be joy, excitement, nostalgia, or any other emotion.
  3. Technical. How do the colors look? Are there unwanted artifacts in the video? Do the camera movements feel natural?
  4. Comparison. The project in the video must represent the original design with a high level of fidelity. The judges will compare the design with its depiction in the video.

When is the event:

  • 1-3 December: WAF 2021 in Lisbon, Portugal
  • 3 December: Visualisation Prize is judged, live! Shortlisted participants get 10 minutes to present their project with an additional 8 minutes for Q&As.
  • 3 December: Awards ceremony

How to submit your videos:

Please complete the below entry form by Friday 22nd of October.

Once you have completed the form, please send your video file via WeTransfer to waf.visualisation@emap.com along with the Entry ID of your original WAF entry, project title and company name (if applicable).

Entry form:

Short description of the video and the collaboration between visualiser and practice following the criteria
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