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Good architecture, as good filmmaking, responds to the human condition in narrative form. Both encapsulate culture as the experience of space and time.

Architecture and film unfold at different scales, taking us to real and virtual worlds. Both start with the imagination before taking on their own. Films are set in cities, landscapes and buildings where architecture is a visual shorthand, telling us about characters and the plot in an instant. The buildings and urban spaces we inhabit daily play active roles in our lives that can feel oppressive, protective, hostile or even sublime.

Film can give architects a more profound understanding of how architecture is experienced, and another perspective for both their theoretical and built work. Yet a dedicated festival that explores architecture and film together was never before held in the UK..

The Festival

ArchFilmFest brings together the key positions and preoccupations that straddle the border between architecture and filmmaking. By providing a platform for these disciplines to meet, creating dialogue around form, content, technique and technology, we are promoting a deeper collaboration between them.

Our mission is to produce a unique festival experience, with an additional programme of events to take place between festivals, extending the discussion and the influence of the topic throughout the film and architecture industries.

The festival was founded in 2015 by architect Charlotte Skene Catling and designer and producer Manuel Toledo Otaegui.

The Festival competition

Our international film competition looks to highlight the relation between film and architecture by stimulating and promoting the production of film material, and the work of their creators.

The Inaugural international film competition received more than 150 submissions from 33 countries across the globe, competing for awards in four categories: Documentary Feature, Fiction Short, Experimental Short and “From Above”.

Out of this large pool of submissions, four outstanding works have emerged. Our competition jurors Ollie Alsop (Squint Opera), Penelope Haralambidou (The Bartlett), and Daniel Schwartz (Urban-Think Tank) were impressed by the innovation, intelligence, and craft displayed by each of the films.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to present you with the winners of 2017 during the World Architecture Festival.

Don’t miss on the 2017 winning films from 10:00 in Crit room 14 on Friday the 30th November 2018.

Five lives of the Bradbury Building (Jasper Stevens, 3’, 2016)

Construction Lines (Max Colson, 8’, 2017)

24h Dahlem (Clara Jo, 17’, 2016)

Shooting Ourselves (Christine Cynn, 87’, 2015)​


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