AkzoNobel Colour Prize

Prize for Colour in Exterior Architecture

Sponsored by:
  • BARRIE HO Architecture Interiors, Wholesale Conversion of
    Industrial Building into Genesis  @ Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong     
  • Yazgan Design Architecture Co., ONS Incek Residence Showroom &
    Sales Office,Ankara, Turkey
  • COX, Box Office, Australia
  • a21studio, Saigon house, Vietnam
  • QLAB, Tucheng Community Sports Center, Taiwan
  • Robert Greg Shand Architects in Collaboration with URBNarc, A Glowing Lantern for  "Little India", Singapore
  • Lyons, Lady Cilento Children's Hospital, Australia
  • AGi architects, Al-Ghanim Ali Mohammed Thunayan Al-Ghanim Center, Spain
  • MHN Design Union, Viking by Crown, Australia

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